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Welcome to our sample shop at Rework Vintage Wholesalers. Here is your chance to purchase individual samples from our reworked collection.

Are you a buyer looking to make the perfect selection for your business? Our samples allow you to experience the quality, style, and authenticity of our products firsthand before committing to a bulk purchase.

Why Choose Our Samples? Uncover the finest details of each reworked vintage piece. Evaluate the fit, feel, and craftsmanship. Test the compatibility with your target audience and make confident decisions for your business.

How It Works:

1. Browse: Dive into our unique sample collection and select the pieces that intrigue you the most

2. Experience: Receive your chosen samples and get a tangible feel for their uniqueness and appeal

3. Decide: Once you've assessed the samples, confidently make informed choices for your bulk order

At Rework Vintage Wholesalers, we understand the importance of making well-informed decisions. Our samples ensure that you're investing in products that align perfectly with your brand and your customers' preferences. 

Ready to explore the world of reworked vintage fashion through our samples? Start your journey now and elevate your business to new heights of style, quality & most importantly sustainability! 

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