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Rework Vintage Wholesalers is a company that provides sustainable solutions for the fashion industry. We specialise in reworking damaged and used clothing into new, fashionable products for resale and re-wearing. Our mission is to educate retailers and consumers on the environmental impact of the fashion industry and to promote sustainable fashion practices.

Our journey began with a passion for creativity and a desire to make a difference in the fashion world. Maisie has extensive experience in the fashion industry, including five years as a buyer at Boohoo, where she was exposed to all the key functions of running a fashion business. She later co-founded her first business, but during the pandemic, she realised the need for a more sustainable solution in the industry.

With a background in Fashion Buying & Merchandising and a lifelong love of sewing, Maisie saw an opportunity to make a positive impact by reworking discarded clothing into new, profitable designs. She saw the staggering amount of textile waste created each year and knew she had to take action. She left her job at Boohoo and founded Rework Vintage Wholesalers in 2021, with a mission to reduce textile waste and promote sustainable fashion.

Maisie's goal is to change the way new clothing and accessories are manufactured globally. Maisie believes that by reusing and repurposing the garments and materials that have already been mass produced, can make a real difference and reduce the impact of the fashion industry on our environment.

If you are a retailer or a individual with damaged clothing, or if you are interested in learning more about the global impact of the fashion industry, Maisie invites you to get in touch. Maisie is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the fashion industry and creating a better future for our planet.


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