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Reworked Branded Ruffle Bralet


Elevate your product range with our Reworked Branded Ruffle Bralets - a fusion of edgy branding and feminine flair. This unique piece is designed for those who seek to make a statement even in their most intimate moments.


Key Features:

  • Striking Ralph Lauren Branding Detail: The bralet is adorned with an authentic branded logo, adding an element of boldness to the delicate ruffle design. It's a piece that exudes confidence and style, both inside and out.

  • Feminine Ruffle Accents: The ruffle detailing adds a touch of romance and flair to this otherwise edgy piece. It strikes the perfect balance between bold branding and feminine charm.

  • Adjustable Straps and Closure: The bralet features adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit, and a secure closure for added support. It's designed for maximum comfort and confidence.

  • Premium Fabric: Crafted from high-quality vintage shirts, soft fabric, this bralet offers comfort and breathability, ensuring it's as comfortable as it is stylish.



  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit: Bralet Fit
  • Available Size: Small
  • Closure: Tie-Front Detail 
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Cold Water; Line Dry


Note: Order in bulk today:


Celebrate individuality, embrace bold style, and make a statement. Own a piece that tells a story of confidence, creativity, and timeless fashion. Elevate your store today!

Reworked Branded Ruffle Bralet

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